“Enthralling, a creative circus of the wonderfully surreal.”
Brighton Noise

“For David Lynch fans, for Truax fans, Tom Waits lovers and Nick Cave stalkers (and just general surrealists) alike, this will make your collection.”   -The Beat Surrender

Oxford Times:
“Thomas Truax merges a fevered imagination, solid songwriting abilities and a groovy showbiz attitude with a mad scientist’s brain for weird gadgets. Performing with mechanical sound sculptures eg ‘Mother Superior’, instruments that he builds himself from found objects and spare parts as well as standard instruments. You get darkly witty songs accompanied by weird Harry Partch-esque home made instruments. An exceptional talent, unique and resistant to comparison.”

Right now you can download three of his songs for free,

including The Butterfly and the Entomologist’:

“‘It’s an incredible song, a cinematic road trip of the mind… Poetically evocative and rich with melancholy” (Signal to Noise Magazine) Plus ‘Beehive Heart’ played on  ‘The Hornicator’ and a track from his best-selling David Lynch covers album.

You also wont want to miss Thomas playing live in CARDIFF this Wednesday the 10th,
at The Moon Club

“When he performs, it is a spectacle” -The Guardian

For a limited time, Thomas is giving away ‘The Butterfly’ and two more fan-favorite songs (‘Beehive Heart’ + ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’) as a free download. Just enter your name and email address, load up your iPod or player of choice, and experience this wonderful new discovery.

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